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Andromeda is a partner, an educator, a thought leader and an advocate.  We protect event hosts; we advance the hospitality profession; we guide stakeholders; we are – Andromeda.

Roadmap to Your Event Greatness

Andromeda Consultants Ltd is a reliable, creative and dynamic team, driven by a passion for what we do.  Our team has extensive professional experience and knowledge of the industry, having worked in various sectors of the hospitality and creative industries.  This enables us to view your requirements holistically, and to tailor your event to the finest detail, creatively defining and selecting the right elements to inspire your events.

We love variety! We support hundreds of events each year and seen a lot of programs with different goals, types, industries and sizes; all these background allow us to provide answers to whatever challenges you are facing. Our approach varies as well since no one size fits all. Sometimes we are hotel negotiator and other time a full service partner. No matter what role we play on your team, we meet you where you are, come up with the best options and get you where you want to go.

Every event has a purpose.  We work with you one on one to discover your goals and why behind everything.  Our approach is characterised by attention to detail, a flair for creativity and a professional yet personalised approach.  We orchestrate operations with a tactical precision that keeps us focused on your bottom line.  We dedicate ourselves to give you the power to achieve your visions, goals and objectives; control your activities effectively and efficiently, while realizing real returns for you.

For decades, we’ve delivered event experiences like no other through science of smart design, unparalleled experience, vast benchmarking data, industry insights, extensive data analytics and unrivaled dedication. We make planning and logistics simple. Then we prove the impact with data and results.

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Your 5 Unique Top Rated tools from Andromeda

You’re busy running your events.  We understand!  That’s why we have a wide range of helpful services to take the load off your shoulders.

hotel search & price negotiation

Develop hotel tactics based on your objectives, budget and needs.  Leverage our latest hotel database, volume negotiation and relationship with over 400,000 venues worldwide.  Enjoy incredible deals with big savings.  Our unbeatable hotel rates even include waiving function space rental and resort fees most of the time.

hotel contract WRITING & review

Equally important to excellent rates is a balanced and thorough written hotel contract. We typically write a custom contract for you to protect your event’s finance, reputations and event logistics. Our world class risk mitigation with our comprehensives 60 points checklist reporting will impress you time and time again. Many meeting planners use us for forensic contract review even when they perform everything else.

hotel room booking (housing)

Utilize our modern online hotel room booking tool with an interactive location map for your guests. We monitor your hotel room pick up to avoid attrition and ensure all rooms are counted toward your concessions. Our rate tracking tool provide feedback any time when we can match to a lower market rate. Your guests will be pleased to know we provide all rooms from all hotels available on the market to book until event date. Step up to next level by combining your registration with hotel room booking within our simple, fast and secured ticketing payment platform.

one source event insider access

Outstanding value and personalized magic one point to access to best:  program design / marketing; speaker / entertainment / decor; audio-visual / production; food and beverage; equipment / vendor sourcing; exhibit / logistics management; transportation; excursion / tour, giveaway; and our professional event & budget management team.  We manage your budget like it’s our own; help you wrangle all your vendors; handle all the pesky details and keep everyone on the deadline; get you the best terms with suppliers and keep all planes, trains and automobiles moving in the right direction.  Our leading edge Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) consolidation solution will bring additional saving and standardization to your organization.  We also enable you to execute Hybrid and Virtual program with our online technology platform and know how.

REbate, funding & SPONSORSHIP

We will ensure you get rebates you need from the hotel, track your economic impact and pursue CVB/DMO funding support. To make your life easier, we manage payments and triple check invoices between you and hotel. Working with your past contacts, we are able to seek out sponsors for your event. Remember to deploy our registration system for exciting digital sponsorship opportunities to make your event more lucrative.

Giving You What you Need


Andromeda meeting consultants are professionals ~ like your lawyer, realtor, or accountant. We know the industry, the right questions to ask and the pitfalls to avoid. All programs we work on go through extensive objective, subjective, quantitative and qualitative evaluation to ensure a successful event for you. We pursue every issue, advance every argument, ask every question, however improbable to help all parties in positive manner, obtain the benefit of every remedy and concessions possible. We discharge this duty by fair and honorable means consistent with highest standard. To treat all parties with candor, fairness, courtesy and respect and in a way that promotes all parties’ interest, right so best placement can be done. We render the most complete service. Fully prepared and engaged, seek understanding, take on risk of creative of thinking to explore possible options, go above and beyond call of duty, seek out strength and opportunities, minimize risk and weakness. Discern appropriate approaches for each unique Event. Execute agreements in utmost professional, rigorous and detailed manner.

If you’re not reading and understanding every single word of your event contracts, you could be putting your event at risk! Negotiating event contracts is all we do – we take a “forensic” dive into “every single word” on your behalf. We do the math on everything! Approximately 60% draft contracts contain mathematical mistakes. Taking an event contract from draft to detailed can take upwards of 40 hours of dedicated time – creating a fair and balanced contract is not an easy nor quick task. Putting our years of event planning experience to use means we examine “event logistics” in as much detail as the clauses that create savings and minimize risk. We will work with you to ensure that the contract reflects and protects your best interests. Our services enable you to sign your event contracts with confidence, as your best interests are our #1 priority.

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Want More?  Allow us to impress you and your attendees

event & travel discounts

Access to best event host and attendee trip insurance packages.  We provide highly sought after parking, airfare, car rental, transportation and destination tour discounts.

year round hotel discounts

We can set you up with our standing hotel volume discount for individual travels.  Not only your guests will save money, this offers a year around value to your organization and opens the door for additional member engagement.

easy engagement

Move over one size fits all and strict best practices.  We customize and personalize for what you need.  Regardless it’s a simple hotel contract review that you got already, standard hotel search to full event operation; we are here for you with unlimited Zoom, email and phone support.

Hotel Sourcing Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can Andromeda work in my city or with a hotel that I worked before?

A:  Yes, no worry. We operate worldwide and have access to all hotels around the world. We offer unlimited zoom, phone and email support. It’s great you have identified a hotel that can work for your event, that would help our combined effort. We will help you to negotiate a rate and achieve the balanced contract with your local hotel.  As we become the only point of hotel negotiation for your program, we generally get better overall package with our buying power, skills and due to the hotel does not think they can lose the program no matter what. Remember, it’s not just about rate; it’s legal terms on the contract as well. Best time to start with Andromeda was first day, however, the second best time to engage us is now.

Q:  How do I work with Andromeda if I have someone in house or I used someone else before?

A: We augment your in-house staff as extension of your team. Our hotel exclusive sourcing service and extraordinary perks from Andromeda are highly desirable and sought-after. Our role is to bring new insight, new motivation, and new and expanded resources to your group. As we manage your projects, your goals become our goals. Our expertise becomes your expertise. Your success is our success. We will help you to will impress you and your colleagues time and time again. Finally, we ensure you get full credit of booking produced in all systems. This would open up a world of destination FAM trips and hotel inspection opportunities because you are working with Andromeda.

Q:  How do I know Andromeda will get us the best rate and a balanced contract?

A:  We have access to various benchmark referencestrends, historic data and competitive rates to provide objective reference during negotiation.  Using our collective buying power, relationship and skillswe get to the bottom line.  Finally we get guaranteed lowest rate written in the contract!  We are here to protect you when it comes to hotel contract.  As season meeting planners with high understanding of hospitality contract law, we ensure what’s written is fair and no missing clauses.  With hundreds of venue contracts “forensically” and expertly reviewed for many planners, we are the go to source for hotel agreements.

Q:  Can Andromeda book me a hotel with our strange requests as a new fan-run convention, find an all-inclusive resort, a cruise ship conference or package together a unique incentive program?

A:  Yes, we take time to understand your needs and wants with our white glove personalized touch.  If you can dream it, we can deliver it.  We have extensive experience working with all sectors, including not-for-profit fandom sector, public conventions and even eSports events.  While having a solid history will help hotel to accept your program, nothing excite us more to guide a new client to the world of possibilities.  Incentive is a huge part of our business, contact us for that stunning resort or cruise ship.

Q:  How do you charge and how do I start working with Andromeda?

A: We have a low flat fee for hotel contract review if you already did hotel search and price negotiation. Our typical service involves finding you a hotel from the beginning to deliver a contract you can trust to sign. We will search all destinations for suitable venues, negotiate prices and legal contract terms! Full service event management showcase our ability to pull the entire program together for incentive, meeting and conference. You get to focus on the message you need to deliver and leave everything else to us. Using us can only decrease your overall cost and any fee paid to us is easily compensated for time we save you and by the savings we bring to each project’s bottom line through our keen, accurate knowledge as hospitality industry’s insider. At times, hotels will compensate us with a marketing fund as we bring business to them. This funding has no bearing to your lowest rates or perks we negotiate for you. Ready for the best part? To support you, we have the only sponsorship program in the industry; where our services would result in no cost, no fee, no catch, no brainer hotel site selection for you. To start the FREE process, simply contact us. We are ready to jump into action.

Create Hotel Contracts Exactly the Way you Want Them

A client was booking their travelling annual eSports program.  They were presented with a draft hotel contract that contain the following:  $189 room rate, $50,000 rental, $40,000 food and beverage minimal, $19,000 for Internet connection, cancellation terms of 120 days prior to the event dates:  80% of guestroom revenue and 100% of the rental and food & beverage minimum. This hotel contract represented $184,500 overall price with $165,600 cancellation damage should client needs to cancel within 120 days.

Andromeda Consultants Ltd. assisted the client to strategically negotiate with hotel while the client simply sits back to hear the good news.

After 2 weeks of creative win-win hotel negotiation by Andromeda, the result is $159 room rate, $10,000 rental, $50,000 food and beverage minimal, complimentary Internet connection, cancellation terms of 90 days prior to the event date:  80% of guestroom PROFIT hotel expected to receive and 20% of food & beverage minimal as expected lost profit from that revenue source.  With more flexible cancellation time frame, the client would be subject to no more than $57,700 cancellation damage.

Andromeda Consultants written a fair and balanced hotel agreement with powerful clauses such as rate integrity, mitigation to damages, properly written force majeure..etc for the hotel to sign.  A staggering saving of $45,000 when program operates as expected and $107,900 savings on avoid risk costs. All these on top of priceless contract clause protections.

hotel contract review

You have a hotel contract on hand, get expert to ensure it’s correct, fair, balance and safe to sign.


  • Forensically review contract
  • Thorough breakdown and revision suggestions
  • Catch math errors
  • Identify and explain key clauses
  • Analysis of your risk financially & logistically
  • Check untapped value & concessions
  • Draft missing terms
  • Insights from event professionals on hospitality law
  • Proprietary Andromeda 60 points contract checklist
  • Work with the hotel to get the contract updated
  • Unlimited Zoom, email & phone discussions
  • Andromeda sponsorship included

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Most popular option.  Let us do all the hard work where we search your desired destinations for all suitable hotels for space and negotiate best rates.  Then we write a favorable contract based on your needs for you to review and hotel to sign.

$5000 FREE

  • We love what we do and we are giving back.  Contact us by Q2 of 2021, we are providing hotel solution for FREE!
  • All items from Hotel Contract Review
  • Save time with our fast hotel sourcing operation.  Generate a hotel RFP to entire destination for suitable venues
  • Seek tourism support fund
  • Save money with our negotiation on rental, F&B, room rate, concessions and all contract terms
  • Write hotel contract in your favor to reduce risks with a balanced thorough contract
  • Powerful Risk Reduction, Cost Containment & Saving Reporting
  • Provide an easy online room booking link and allow booking until event date
  • Monitor lowest rate guarantee, room pick and verify out of block bookings
  • Access to industry discounts and our value added perks
  • Onsite visit to identify betterments

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Elite full service package

Take your incentive, meeting, conference to the next level.  Focus on your message, leave logistics to us.


  • All items from Hotel Selection & Management
  • Suggest and secure speakers, entertainers and team builders
  • Design and source decorations, AV and F&B
  • Provide integrated Hybrid online event platform
  • Sponsorship acquisition
  • Travel arrangements
  • Discounted destination activities, tours and tickets
  • Generate signages
  • Provide trophies and giveaways
  • #1 event management team

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“We’ve evolved to meet the needs of you and programs; underpinned by smart people, strong values and on going investment / training.  Thank you for putting your trust in me.  I am committed to perform better and better for you and stay on the leading edge of hospitality industry.  Together, we’ll continue to adapt to changes and disrupt the status quo by transforming events, enhance attendee experiences while provide unparalleled event host protections – we will change the world!”


Inspirational Leadership

Eddie Chang is the President & CEO of Andromeda Consultants Ltd. With more than 15 years of experience in hospitality industry, working with corporations, associations and non-profit sectors, he has earned a reputation as an accomplished, strategic, and energetic negotiator. Recognized as a trusted and knowledgeable expert in the field, Eddie has received numerous accolades for his thought leadership and commitment.

Under his leadership, Andromeda Consultants has reached all corners of the world and been named one of best IATA certified premier hotel partnership agencies. He brings in refreshing ideas, concepts and abilities to change the event/hospitality landscapes. His passion and love come out clearly with events he manages and people he engages. Mr. Chang leads Andromeda to explore the possibilities of creating memorable event experiences, via avenues of destinations, hotels/resorts, convention centers and cruise lines by visualizing what can be done to engage people within an atmosphere where synergy is created.

His deep personal passion toward fandom has taken him to work with various conventions ranges from comic cons, anime, furry, sci-fi to many eSports programs.

Prior to starting Andromeda Consultants, Mr. Chang was chief engineer at Imperial Automation providing safe, efficient and cost-effective automation solutions for manufacturers, chemical plants, nuclear sector as well as film special effects. Mr. Chang has an Electrical Engineering degree with Management Science option from University of Waterloo and has received several awards such as RCC excellence in electronics and outstanding in RF field. He is also deeply involved outside of his professional career, volunteering his time as a director of a credit union and a few non-profit organizations.

#1 Planner for 100+ organizations

Hotel Clients

Don’t take our word on it, take our clients’ word!

It’s easy to tell you how great we are. Here’s what other people think of our services

“”I’ll trust without hesitation any work of Andromeda.  I can say without your strong support, the event would not have had the success we have experienced.  Thank you again.”

– Donna G.

“We’ve always gotten exceptional hotel deals from Andromeda.  Eddie is amazingly insightful.”

– Jennifer C.

“For just short of 12 years, Andromeda has provided excellent site selection services for our large and small, long-term and short-term meetings and events.  They continue to successfully work with our many internal planners to negotiate hotel contracts around the world to match each of their meeting or event specifications — everything from location and lodging, to meeting space, budget and more.”

– John P.

“Andromeda saved us the headache of finding the right venue.  I trust them with my life to get the price and contract right.  I would highly recommend them to any group.”

– James W.

“Eddie helped us make the perfect move for our events. We started in two states – now we’re in 28!”

– Julie B.

“You were pleasant to work with and always willing to solve problems and adapt new plans to suit the needs and wishes us.  Above all you were discreet onsite in your approach and were always looking at how to anticipate needs.”

– Mark L.

Key Hotel Partners to Our Success

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