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Imagine you just wrapped up your organization’s biggest conference, convention or trade show of the year. Attendees are ECSTATIC, exhibitors are AMAZED and you concluded with more PROFIT than ever before. Everyone can’t wait to return for the next year with great experience they had. All these with STRESS FREE hotel search, guaranteed ROCK BOTTOM rate from hotels and outstanding LOW RISK contract terms from Andromeda.

With a shrinking budget, tight venue availability, minimal sales support from hotels and demand of hybrid solution these days; how do you do more with less? Andromeda is your right partner to make you a HERO! We save you TIME, MONEY and reduce RISK by leverage our hotel sourcing INSIGHT, buying POWER, NEGOTIATION expertise, PROPRIETARY technology and relationship. You focus on actual programming of the event, and Andromeda got everything else.

Through our sponsorship program, your hotel searching, negotiation, contracting and housing are at NO FEE, NO COST, NO CATCH for event hosts. We go over above and beyond to offer airline / tour / insurance DISCOUNTS. Our YEAR AROUND worldwide hotel discount gives you a way to engage your attendees even when the event is not on.


instantly to impress

Utilize our modern online hotel room booking tool with an interactive location map for your guests. We monitor your hotel room pick up to avoid attrition and ensure all rooms are counted toward your concessions. Our rate tracking tool provide feedback any time when we can match to a lower market rate. Your guests will be pleased to know we provide all rooms from all hotels available on the market to book until event date. Step up to next level by combining your registration with hotel room booking within our simple, fast and secured ticketing payment platform.

exhibitors & sponsors

Working with your past contacts, we are able to seek out exhibitors and sponsors for your event. Andromeda helps you to secure more vendors and generate higher return on investment for them by drive more traffic to show floor, deploy leads collection technology and help quickly convert leads into sales. Remember to deploy our registration system for exciting digital sponsorship opportunities to make your event more lucrative.  With large citywide programs, we can secure support and funding from city tourism to make your event even more special.



elevate every single moment

Associations are under more pressure than other organizations as events are often your biggest revenue source, a way to remind members why they need to renew and reawaken high level engagement. How do you meet your attendees’ growing expectations and ensure your exhibitors and sponsors see results? How do you find delicate balance between education, networking and fun?  How do you raise the bar without increased budget?  Partner with Andromeda for the win!  Our background in experience design makes sure your participants feel special from the moment they are coming to the program to long after the event is completed. You need to get the most from what you have. Use our size and scale to your advantage! We’re known for getting clients the best deals, so you can spend your budget on the things that matter.

hotel contract to full turnkey solution

We aim to create a great event experience and your planning process should be a great one as well.  Our flexible approach, consultations and only stepping in when requested methodology made us the de facto help with many associations. We know these events are critical to your organization’s success, and we are ready to help. Andromeda’s unparalleled global buying power and industry leverage will lead to superior results, driving costs lower while mitigating legal and financial risks. Our end to end meeting management is here to facilitate all your needs.  Let us ease your load and grow your program with planning done right.



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