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Convention Hotel

Save money and high praise

Your guests are intensely passion on their love and they want to celebrate their culture with the tribe!  Let us wow these high expectation diehard fans with OUTSTANDING memory and position you as the superhero to allow them SPREAD the word.

We do a lot of events.  So trust us when we say we know the space and we got your back.  Andromeda sets you up for the right event space & hotel room block at ROCK BOTTOM price with an exceptional fair contract.   Your event generates a lot of economic impact dollars; we will help you to calculate this and bring to bargaining table during hotel sourcing and negotiation process for tourism SUPPORT and better rates.  We are your cavalry when you are short on time with limited resources, and especially when your event is getting BIG fast.  

Andromeda housing system ensure your guests have great first experience with your event.  How you manage your hotel room block has a big IMPACT and RISK to your bottom line.  Let Andromeda take the guesswork out the equation for you; save guests money with easy hotel room booking; and make all attendees feel special and create lifelong loyalty. 

LOGISTICS matter!  Put years of experience to work for you.  Through our sponsorship program, your hotel searching, negotiation, contracting and housing are at NO FEE, NO COST, NO CATCH for live event hosts.  We go over above and beyond to offer airline / tour / insurance DISCOUNTS.  Our YEAR AROUND worldwide hotel discount gives you a way to engage your attendees when the event is not on.  You focus on actual programming of event, and Andromeda got everything else.

CONS, Anime & Festivals

Andromeda is the leader for public convention hotel planning.  From Comic Con, Anime, Sci Fi, Star Trek, Literary, Media, Music, Culture, Toy to niche con like My Little Pony; from small first year convention to city wide operation; if you can think of it, we have done it.

We have extensive experience working with not-for-profit after-hour convention board structure.  Our hotel sourcing, negotiation and contracting service make sure you get the space you need at the lowest price with a balanced contract.   On top of the best room rates, we ensure each con has its unique perks such as gender neutral washroom, con managed noise handling, con suite with food, monthly board meeting in hotel…etc.  Our hotel room booking system makes booking a room easy for guests with an interactive map showing all available hotels and enable you to manage critical hotel relationships.  We can even offer all rooms on the market bookable until convention date.

Working with the con chair, board and volunteers, we make magic happen for guests.  You tell us what you need, and we bring in the right solution:  hotel, housing, shuttle, transportation, VIP handling, display welcome banners in airport to streets, excursion, run after party…etc.

Furry Hotel

eSports Hotel


Andromeda is the defacto grandfather of eSports hotel planner who invented the industry.  From past years of LAN party to today’s mega competition, we love people come together to play and watch video games.  Now, we are on forefront innovation with fastest growing sports with more than 200 million hardcore fans.  We understand your needs (large space, Internet, power), we speak your language(bracket, stream, production) and we are as passionate as you are for gamers – we are ready to level up with you! 

Andromeda VIP travel protocol will treat your elite pro-gamers athletes in style, even if they are under 18.


sports events | teams | DANCE

We aim to reduce the cost for travelling teams, staff and fans, by offering big savings on hotel rates, treating everyone like MVPs, without reducing the quality of experience of attending the events.  Every tournament is unique, so we provide a right solution tailored to you.   Sellouts don’t happen overnight, but we recognize where pain points can occur and build the strategy to minimize any headaches.

We will get you the best rate with hotels, find fantastic saving such as complimentary equipment storage, raised stage, dance floor…etc.

From housing and travel, to the strategy behind a great experience – we’re on it!  We can even help you cross-sell merchandise with a click of a button!


Sports Hotel

Endurance Hotel

endurance events

Your athletes have been training, take time off work and are willing to travel to participate in this.  Let’s show them an unforgettable experience and make “runner’s high” a permanent state of their mind.  We will get you the best rate with closeby hotels, perks such as healthy meal options and late check-outs.  You get to breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’ve got a partner.







We are ready to help you to deliver experiences of lifetime.  Let’s talk!

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